About RPM

The RPM Blasters Story


RPM Blasters was started when a few friends got together and found that the Gel Blaster community needed a more professional space that you felt like you learned something new every time you were in contact with us. We also show that we push the boundaries of innovation, R&D and Gell Blaster modification. 

We have a full range of Gel Blasters, Modification parts, Tactical Gear and much more. Order online or in store now. 

Our head technicians story:

Rowan Ralph has been a qualified mechanic for over 15 years who runs and owns his own workshop based in Brisbane. He has extensive experience in servicing all vehicles from top performing off-road 4WD to high end super cars in the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes.

As a gel blaster enthusiast, Rowan has redirected all his focus, utilising his extensive skill set to push the boundaries of gel blasters, to produce high end, innovative blasters for the growing gel balling community.

He invites you to experience a gel blasters true potential as he envisions them in his eyes. His mission is to continually improve and innovate this new and exciting industry. RPM Blaster specialise in the modification of high end gel blasters.