M4A1 Gen 9 Nylon 7-8mm Gel Blaster
M4A1 Gen 9 Nylon 7-8mm Gel Blaster

M4A1 Gen 9 Nylon 7-8mm Gel Blaster

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JinMing M4 Gen 9 Nylon Gel Blaster Assault Rifle (M4 Gen 9) Update Version with Nylon gearbox

Straight-out-of-the-box performance. The latest and the best blaster out of the box. 250 FPS! All Nylon exterior for great feel and balance.

Traditional stock in black colour with orange additions, The new latest Jin ming Gen 9 Gear box runs reliable and powerful on 7.4V with massive potential for serious upgrades and modifications.  The perfect blaster for any beginner or for the seasoned player, now all nylon outer these are far stronger and much better feel than the standard Gen 8. These JinMing Blasters are a favourite at all playing fields.


  • All Black multi Piece stock
  • Electronic magazine
  • Up to 15 Rounds per Second on 7.4v
  • 35m+ range with a tuneable HopUp Not included.
  • 260 Foot per Second velocity standard
  • Adjustable Butt Stock Length
  • Removable Flash hider
  • Uses 7-8mm Gel Balls

1 x Brand New M4A1 gen 9 Gel Ball Blaster
2500  Gel Balls
1 x refill bottle
1 x Rechargeable 1200 mAh 7.4v Li-ion Battery. 
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Safety Glasses

NOTE: Update Versions are recognised by having a black nylon gear box housing not the clear polycarbonate gear box housing of the first version,


These are only currently legal in Queensland and South Australia. If your delivery address is in NSW, VIC, WA, TAS  and NT we cannot ship to you. If you commit to purchase and your address is as above, we will refund your dollar as we will not ship to states where they are illegal, this refund will incur a fee to do so as we will get charged a fee.